Juno Blues

 I was recently introduced webwise to  Treasa Levasseur by Danny Marks and had a listen to her music. I was most impressed by her dynamic sound and was cheering for her 'Low fidelity' as Blues Album of the year in spite of my respect for Downchild and Harmonica stealing Donnie Walsh. and Colin Linden (who wasn't old enough to drink when I first met him) I'm sure Treasa will get many more nominations  She Good! Downchild sounding pretty good too.
I remember a couple of years I went to Juno parties. I was always amazed at the respect I got for being a bootlegger.  I got to the Columbia Hospitality Suite just as they closed for supper hour. A Columbia Vice President insisted the bartender stay for me and my friends. When the bar opened Burton Cummings got mobbed and joined my group for safety. (From too many pretty girls mostly)

When I first opened my bar I didn't have much business, my rules were you had to be famous or know me personally or you did't get in. To begin with I made most of my money playing poker. So one night this Chicago Blues Band shows up. They were playing at a Hotel Bar at Dundas and Jarvis ?? that sent all their acts to me after hours. So the manager of the band gets in the game. He lost a few bucks but shows up the next night without the band and lots of money. I cleaned him out (a couple thousand bucks) What could I do?
I bought him a drink and gave him a sawbuck for a cab and said good night. Later the band phone and asked if I has seen him. He has disappeared and had all the bands money. (gulp) So I quit playing poker unless you were a regular.

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