Murray McLauchlan Lady Luck

Lady Luck is a song by Murray McLauclan it begins. I remember shooting craps at Gary's Bar where the money disappeared on every roll. So I had a drink on someone else's paycheck and Lady Luck stayed with me no more. Murray showed up on Friday night with Jim McCarthy. Jim was an old friend and married then to Elizabeth Ashely.
They were having so troubles and here I am on a busy Friday night. Murray says Jim is very depressed and I think a crap game would cheer him up. I didn't have crap games anymore. But what the hell find a room up stairs. I 'll find some guys and we will have one. So I round up a couple of rounders and we have it. Jimmy is on a lucky streak and soon it is down to the 3 of us. Murray has his weekend money. Jimmy makes 6 straight passes and cleans him out. I cover. 7 passes he cant do it again I run down to the bar and get a couple of hundred dollars more. He makes 8 straight passes. I quit. Jimmy must have taken us for about 2 thousand dollars. We have a drink or two.
Jimmy isn't nearly as depressed he as was. haha

I could almost write a book on Murray stories. We were good friends for quite a while and had many adventures together. Murray and I had dinner a while ago and argued a bit about who's version was right. I am sorry Murray but I know my versions are truer because I wrote them down shortly after they happened.

Murray MacLauchlan New York

8/5/07by LeDrew

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Well, I came here to check your blog out the minute you told me about it but I don't see my comment, so I guess you never got it.

I that people will really like reading your storys. It's a good blog.

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