Rolling Stones

I get a phone call one night. It's Tom Hedley "Hey Mick Jagger wants to talk to you. "Allo Gary Mick Jagger here. "Tony Silverthorn says "we might get a drink at your club?' A little stunned I said 'sure.' "Can you guarantee my safety?' "No Problem!' I assure him. "We are in a limo outside your door Will you let us in." I went down and escorted them in. they stood at the end bar, not obvious but in plain site and a few whispers went through the bar but basically my very hip clientele ignored them.
They kind of got antsy after a while and Mick had to do a little prance on the way back from the washroom to get a couple of young ladies to harass them for a while. Mick got very drunk and he had to go and pick up Bianca at the airport so he asked me to get him back to the limo. I got Jesse Frayne to do that for me and she thanked me for months after that.
Tony Silverthorn was the manager of the Windsor Arms at that time. he had trouble getting the Stones to leave the Courtyard Cafe. so he got Tom and Bary Callaghan to show them the way.
the aftermath was amazing this happened on a Thursday night, on Friday and Saturday night I had line ups around the block.


EXSENO said...

Yes, I would imagine that would bring people in.

Anonymous said...

Craig McFarlane Allo Gary! long time no see, no hear, no bogart. no Heineken, no "7:30 Ayem brekkie"
at that Spiros/Stavros rest. on Queen & McCaul! Tabernac!!! Sure remember the nite
Mick & Ronnie & you & moi tokez le bon "ash" at Gary's Bar!! Was the same nite they
played the El Mo (March /77) and Maggie Trudeau was there (with RCMP escorts!) Do
remember that I was the opening act for April Wine, who were the opening act for the
Stones? Hope you're well, bro.

Hall de best,

"Frenchie" McFarlane
Facebook-Frenchie McFarlane

Gary LeDrew said...

(aka "Frenchie" McFarlane) **** story Gary! Also rmbr Sun. @ booze can; we'd do Sun nite "Dinner/Show" Comedy & we'd finish around 10:00 PM & head over to your "Sun"! One nite I brought along Jim Carrey.....just before the US got hold of him!! He always talked about your "establishment" & how much he dug the comraderie, rmbr., he was only 18-19 at the time! Merci encore for all you gave us!! PS: incl. that hash toking/Heiny beer session with one Mick Jagger! Tabernac! (Maggie T. scandal nite at El Mo!)

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